Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EdWeb 2.0 - A Teacher's Digital Swiss Army Knife

Did you ever want a free web site for your class that includes all thise digital bells-and-whistles, such as podcasts, blogs, calendars, FAQs, scrolling news, hot links, polls, dynamic pages, groups, folders, public and private access control, a showcase for student work, student logins you create, private messaging, and more - all free? No kidding, and no special technical skills are required. EdWeb 2.0 offers all of this. Click the image for a more readable version.

Free sites are available to teachers willing to offer the sale of mousepads created from images used on their sites to parents and others. To learn more about this innovative approach to making Web 2.0 tools readily accessible to teachers and students at a cost that can't be beat, view the same pages on their web site. School-wide versions available at a reasonable cost, too, with or withought the mouspad sale feature which schools can use as a fund raiser.