Saturday, March 14, 2009

Voki Brings Voice to Your Web Pages

Check out my Voki avatar in the right sidebar. Really a bit weird, but fun. While it may have applications for the classroom, even tho' it's free and simple to use, the investment in time to set it up may not produce equivalent value. If you want to provide your student with a visual web presence, SitePal, tho' pricey, may be a better choice.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Seesmic - exhibitismo?

Seesmic is a video blog (vblog) with a Twitter-like format – video posts by members arrayed in a list format. After registering your login information, fill out a form to create and save a profile. You will be sent an email activation link; click it to open your account. Go to the home page and click “Everyone” to see all posted videos.

As you can see from the above menu which appears on the left of the page, networking options are limited, the absence of a Groups option is an obvious omission.

Video posts, which appear in the center of the page, are mainly unscripted. Here’s a typical post:

Clicking on the image launches the video in the thumbnail window; selecting “Go to video” opens a new page and starts the video in a larger window. Selecting “reply” offers the options of recording an immediate video response, uploading a pre-recorded file, or posting a link to a video file at You Tube or another video server.

Lists of thumbnails for "Active Conversations" and" Featured Videos" appear on the right-hand side of the page. You can learn more about the origin and features of Seesmic at its blog, Also, there are some funky how-to videos at

There does not appear to be any way to create a private group, which makes Seesmic of dubious value for teaching and learning, because of privacy issues. This is unfortunate since its ease of use and integration with Twitter would make it useful for low production value how-to videos, messages to students and parents, and “homework,” especially in language arts.

Seesmic (

Cross-Posting to Blogger

I just posted a review of Utterli on my blog at, added a cross-posting badge to the blog, and now I'm testing it by cross-posting this utter with a pic.

Mobile post sent by K24x7 using Utterlireply-count Replies.

Utterli - Variation on a Theme (Twitter-like)

Tired of Twitter? Looking for a Different look and feel? Try Utterli.

Post an “utter” from your computer or mobile phone; include text, images, audio and video, and have it automatically cross-posted to your Blogger, Twitter, or other of your networking sites.

Registration is easy and, of course, free. When you create a profile, you can also choose the sites to which cross-posts should be sent, either automatically or at your choice. Select “Apps & Widgets” on the top tabs, then choose one of three widget formats for inclusion on your website, blog, and anytime mobile blogging. You can add friends from other networking sites or “Find & Follow” current Utterli members. Join a special interest group; there are over 800 to choose from.

The site layout is clean, attractive, and easy to read; the user interface is “intuitively obvious” with plenty of help options available, including “how-to” videos. The membership appears to consist chiefly of young professionals, including an international contingent posting in French and Spanish. The site is ad supported with a limited number of relatively unobtrusive featured offers visible on the page.

Utterli (http;//