Friday, March 13, 2009

Utterli - Variation on a Theme (Twitter-like)

Tired of Twitter? Looking for a Different look and feel? Try Utterli.

Post an “utter” from your computer or mobile phone; include text, images, audio and video, and have it automatically cross-posted to your Blogger, Twitter, or other of your networking sites.

Registration is easy and, of course, free. When you create a profile, you can also choose the sites to which cross-posts should be sent, either automatically or at your choice. Select “Apps & Widgets” on the top tabs, then choose one of three widget formats for inclusion on your website, blog, and anytime mobile blogging. You can add friends from other networking sites or “Find & Follow” current Utterli members. Join a special interest group; there are over 800 to choose from.

The site layout is clean, attractive, and easy to read; the user interface is “intuitively obvious” with plenty of help options available, including “how-to” videos. The membership appears to consist chiefly of young professionals, including an international contingent posting in French and Spanish. The site is ad supported with a limited number of relatively unobtrusive featured offers visible on the page.

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