Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New and VLE Noteworthy

Item 1.This morning's Wall Street Journal, December 9, reports "MySpace Weds the Wider Web," by Emily Steel, B5, and goes on to say "...MySpace wants its members to start using the site as a central hub to manage their online identities with an ever wider array of information..." by using the MySpace ID to log into affiliated sights, thereby creating seamless data exchange between sites (my interpretation).

Sounds to me like the conceptual basis for a VLE, if MySpace were altruistically inclined --- maybe a new product without ads - not.

Item 2. Yammer "...is a discussion board for your company: post a status update; ask a question; shares news;, links, opinions and information ..." and "...a private social network ...each user gets a profile ... search (the archive) for any topic ... stay connected ... through our free web, desktop, Blackberry, iPhone, IM, email, or SMS clients... accessible only via SSL"

Membership is limited to members of legitimate companies. It doesn't say for profit companies only, so I don't see why it could not be used by a school or district that has a unique set of email addresses for each staff member and and willing to give them for students to set up a nifty, very low cost VLE . Add a WiZiQ or Moodle virtual classroom for shut-ins and home schooled students and you'ld have it all.

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