Monday, February 2, 2009

3-D a Reality?

An early effort at making 3-D web sites ubiquitous is now available from ExitReality ( The premise is simple, the implementation is difficult – create an interface that allows every web page to be viewed in 3-D. Try if for yourself. Download the free ExitReality plugin “…that allows anyone to view every web page in 3D”
View the introductory video and try it out using the “Visit any website in 3D” URL box or the “Web 3D Search.” Some sites clearly site work very well, others poorly. Try launching the 3-D version at; sign in, choose an avatar and take a stroll around the Plaza. Navigation is simple compared to Second Life; use the arrow keys or hold down the right mouse button. Download the plug-in; installation is simple by following the instructions. When installation is complete, the ExitReality icon will appear in your browser tool bar.

At the time I was writing this, ExitReality was still in beta, so there was little to see and few users to meet at the site.It does allow you to include audio files, as I learned on a visit to “Hades.”I suspect it will follow Second Life in supporting live voice chats, possibly using a third-party multi-voice application, such as Ventrilo (

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